Rest Assured

Sleep must come. The lesser the effort, the more consuming it feels. What give sleep some of its power though are details that can sometimes go unnoticed. It could be the touch of a pillow under the head, the soft fragrance in newly washed linen, or the warmth of the bed. For us, it’s always been our sheets. The feel of soft, fresh, crisp sheets is irresistible. We’ve been in love with it for as many nights ago as we can remember.

And so if there was one thing that we could make, it had to be sheets. Where it got interesting was when we learnt how sheets are made. We take, we take, we make, and we throw away. That wasn’t a very good way to do things. We re-imagined. That’s how Cirkel sheets were born. So that it could be possible to take, replenish, make, take back, and re-make.

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