One million ways to help life complete its circle

Life is complete only when it takes a full circle. What happens then to things that are wasted, not used to their fullest, taken from nature and squandered? Is there a way to restore their glory?

There are many more voices now than there used to be because of which there is more awareness on where our world is headed if we continue to consume and dispose at this rate. Along with that, there is also increasing pressure on our natural resources as both our numbers as a population and our shopping lists are becoming bigger. Is there a way to save our world?

There can be many ways to do something, reach somewhere, be someone. These many ways are what we’ve set out to discover. In this journey, we would be speaking with people and sharing their stories of things they do in their lives to live more sustainably. We would also be sharing our learnings from initiatives around the world.

If you have a story to share, please write to us.

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