How laundry can help get rid of dry winter skin

Winters are long, dark, and expensive. When you see how much your electricity meter has moved over the week, it’s easier to feel the heat.


There's surely some correlation between how much things are costing to us and to the environment. We pretty much know by now how to optimise the washing machine - wearing clothes more often before washing them, washing at 30 degrees, less tumble dry, and larger loads. There are, however, some much more meaningful hacks that can change the way winter shows on our skin.


Radiators are dehydrating. They dry up everything, all the moisture that’s in our rooms, that keeps our skin supple and soft. Remember the much avoided way of drying clothes, using all those clothespins on the rack? Run for it. Save yourself. It adds the much needed moisture, keeps the meter from sprinting, and induces some fragrance to the room. Some expert tips lest we forget - flip the clothes once in a while, and keep the nicer ones on a hangar.


The clothes dryer is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to our meter bills. And our laundry is responsible for a quarter of the carbon footprint created by clothing. No more!


Image Courtesy: Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash, Book by Sarah Weeks

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