Between you and us

Not very long ago, reusing wasn’t a good word. There were enough plastic bags for all our shopping and we didn’t need to carry our own for groceries. Art was more on canvas than a creation from discarded electronics. Toys had nothing to do with broken bicycle tyres and empty pen refills. Then there were the comforts of use and throw. Our children got diapers, women cheered the sanitary pads, men’s shaves got new blades. It was alright to throw. No guilt, no judgement, no embarrassment. And if you were playing Scrabble, there were no points for upcycle.

We can thank goodness that things have changed. We have come to love reuse, to swear by it. It has become the badge of the conscientious and the motto of the minimalist. Each time we make that choice, we also make a statement. From highlighting our deficiencies, it has come to signify our privileges.

We at Cirkel rejoice in this change that we see in all of us. And we believe that each one of us wants to see more of it. We can’t have enough and yet we’ve had enough. Our endeavour here would be to learn from things that we see around us and from people who are making that choice. And like that stub of pencil which grows into a plant, we hope to be able to share beautiful and inspiring stories of the inter-being of things and how everything can blossom.

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